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A Place for Community and Resources


rode on coastline for theme of Migraine Road 
This online community is dedicated to fellow migraine sufferers and those who want to learn more about migraines.  The resources are here to provide support and background information for those looking for more understanding.  The stories here are for encouragement on this migraine road. 

My name is Lindsey de los Santos and I am so glad you are here!  I am a migraine sufferer of 30 years and understand the challenges of this disease.  I am a wife, a mother of two energetic boys, and a teacher. Real life happens and I can relate to how migraines affect that. Everyone’s journey may look a bit different, but we can encourage one another.  I have also found some helpful tools to help me find comfort on this journey.  I will be sharing those in a new way soon. I wish you well friends. 

Exercise Tips for Migraines

Exercise Tips for Migraines: What are the possibilities? As a chronic migraine sufferer I would love to share some exercise tips for migraines that I

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Two thoughts I keep with me: There is always hope. Find Joy in the Journey.

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