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2024 Best Migraine Products

The best migraine products can make a big difference in your migraine journey. Having had migraine for over 30 years, I have sure tried a great deal of things. I can honestly say what I bring you are tried and true products I have used in my own life. Others in my migraine community have reported back how these have been helpful to them. Some even come from a work of the heart as they have made a difference in the lives of my family. So I bring you my top 10!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I can earn from qualifying purchases. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Massage Cane

This was shared with me at Diamond Headache Clinic. This tool is the next best thing to a massage for your trigger points. It targets  knots and tense places in your neck and back with little effort It doesn’t take up much space either. This was worth every penny. 

Neck Stretcher and Shoulder Relaxer

Another great tool shared at Diamond Headache Clinic by a physical therapist for targeting neck issues related to migraine or other headaches. The instant I tried this relaxer, I could feel it working. Five to ten minutes with this, and you will notice a difference!

NEWGO Cold Eye Mask

This is hands down my favorite gel mask. It is affordable yet does a fantastic job of providing relief and comfort. I have three. They stay cold for longer than many,, but I am prepared to switch them out if needed, and sometimes, I use an extra one on my neck. 

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

There are many out there, but this is my tried and true favorite. It blocks out all light! I used this during my inpatient hospital stays for migraine attacks and was not exposed to any of the bright lights the doctors or nurses needed. At home, it provides more comfort at night or if you need to rest during the day. 

Neuromodulation Devices

Nerivio or Cefaly

These work similarly but are both keepers for me. Some people with migraine choose to use both based on the severity of their attacks and the purpose of the device. Others may stick with one if it does what they need. These can be used for prevention or as a rescue method. 

The Nerivio is placed on your arm and secured with an armband. It’s like strapping in your preferred device when you run or are on the go. It is controlled by your phone with an easy-to-download app. Rescue treatment takes 45 minutes, and preventative takes 20 minutes. I have found the Nerivio to provide relief if I was at home or working. I am a teacher and can use this device in the classroom. This helps me live my daily life and not let migraine take control. I must use this device early if I notice any symptoms or start to feel like I could have a migraine attack. I have found that approach to be a good component of my migraine toolkit. 

The Cefaly device is another good option. While the Nerivio goes on your arm, the Cefaly device goes on your forehead. The rescue treatment takes 60 minutes, and the preventative takes 20 minutes. It is best to use this when you can rest. That makes it more likely to be a good fit for home care or if you can sneak away and use it at work or another location. Some users think Cefaly fights more severe migraine attacks. 

I have found the Nerivio to work before the migraine attack starts with pain or at the very beginning of the attack. The Cefaly device helped me get over a severe attack when my meds were not working. I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital, but I found migraine relief with Cefaly. So, I keep both devices on hand.

A discount from Cefaly! Click here. The code is SECRET17. 

Migraine Sticks with and without Magnesium

These are handy tools in my migraine kit! They fit in your purse, pocket, or desk. I have been a long-time user of the migraine stick and loved it. It wards off some pain and can relax your muscles. The peppermint smell is a huge plus for odor triggers and is not overwhelming. 

The migraine stick with magnesium is new, and it brings the power of the original and magnesium to your toolkit—the same smell and reliability with an extra boost of migraine-fighting supplements. 

Water bottle

Hydrating is a great way to avoid an attack or ease one in progress. Finding a water bottle that is easy to use and keeps you on track is perfect for migraine prevention. I love this water bottle because I can track how much I am drinking, it is dishwasher safe, and it has a handy strap for carrying. This has sustained me daily and even stayed on my wrist through a long day at Disney World. It’s a keeper! 

Theraspecs Migraine Glasses

When it comes to light sensitivity, finding a product that gives you some relief is life-changing. It is even more of a win if it lets you live your daily life. Theraspecs is one of the most popular migraine glasses sellers. Even better, they have rolled-out glasses that serve various sensitivity needs. Options include glasses to protect eyes against harsh fluorescent lights, lenses that keep flashing lights from sending you into an attack, and different tint levels. All these choices allow you to choose the best pair of glasses. They also have a wide variety of frames available. So slip on a pair of Theraspecs and get on with your day. 

Air purifier

The environment you are in may contain some major triggers for a migraine attack. These can include allergens like pollen and strong smells as well. An air purifier can help you take back your space and feel better. There are many options out there. It is important to find what fits your needs. For instance, you may select an ideal air purifier for large rooms or spaces or this one for your home. You can even use a portable option if you have a small space and convenience for wherever you need it. 

Migraine App

Whether you like the convenience of an app or the simple paper method, tracking your migraine attacks can be very helpful. When it comes to an app, you have several options. One of the most popular is Migraine Buddy. With the free version, you can track attacks, severity, triggers, and medication taken. You can also add additional notes, and it even creates reports you can share with your doctor! You may not feel like tracking all the details during an attack. That is no problem with migraine buddy. You can just put in the date and do the rest when you feel better. 

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