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Migraine Patient Journey: Gratitude

leaves and table in background of gratitude quote

Journey: Gratitude in All Things

Gratitude is not always easy, but it will always bring hope. If you’ve been along for my journey you have heard me tell of the early stages of my migraine diagnosis and of my challenges with pregnancy and postpartum migraine.  It would have been easy to think I’ve had enough and think all trials were over after having my second son. 

That would have been very naïve. It is all these times that have made me who I am.  Sometimes the most difficult times bring the most beautiful story to view.  I know mine has had many unexpected turns and I am thankful for second chances. 

My Migraine Journey Continues

Out of a difficult pregnancy I have been given the sweetest gift.  Both of my boys are my greatest source of joy. They love their mama so well and I cannot imagine my life without them.  I smile like a fool when I kiss my Nico’s cheeks and my Kai has the kindest heart. Kids bring so much hope to life and they remind you everyday what really matters. From this comes big gratitude.

Our home is filled with giggles, orneriness, and love.  Something about having little boys that brings all that about. I have let go of the idea that the couch cushions will remain on the couch and I have learned to play along with  the boys.  I have also seen my sweet ones surprise mama with water fights…surely they wouldn’t get me on purpose!?!

People In My Life

My story is full of amazing people who have made an impression and impact in my life. My family by my side is a constant source of love and encouragement. My dear friend Tracy stayed with me for a bit after my second son and her sweet spirit was a source of hope.  I will forgive her for moving to Japan:). 

Friends can be as important as family and may even be like family.  That is how I feel about my friends. In fact at an event for me one friend made an observation and said, “I can see how you have intentionally chosen the people in your life.” Your friends are so genuine and special.” I told her she was so right and that is why she was there too:).  I have friends who have driven and flown to be with me at some scary times. I am not short on blessings and hope i can be there for others.

Get your people and hold onto them.  My migraine journey has taken me different places and miles have separated me from some of my closest friends.  However, we have that if you called me in the middle of the night with an emergency I’d jump in the car or on a plane kind of friendship.  This has been true in relationships, births of our children and more.

I have written more on the influence and impact people in your life can have on you. Check out my recent post Does Attitude Affect Migraines

Migraine Patient Journey: Surround Yourself with Good People written in blue and green flowers

Support Everywhere

You need good people everywhere. My school family is hands down one of the best.  I have been a part of three in my 21 years in education.  Through the support of my school family I have continued to teach when I have had conversations with some who have had to leave their classrooms.  That is tragic to me and makes me that much more thankful to live this life I feel called to live. 

Support comes in many forms and makes life possible.  This is from my amazing teammate who steps in without a second thought and has my back.  My whole staff is ready to support, be there for my kids, and send me kind messages.  They are there to offer me a ride home or to the hospital if needed, give me a diet coke, and offer encouragement in many ways. My admin is so much more than what some may call a boss.  Both ladies are leaders, mentors, and examples to all of us.  They offer support and are there to pitch in.  I know I work with the best and I hope I show them my deepest gratitude.

Power in Best Health Care for You

migraine patient journey: showing gratitude for great doctor: doctor's eyes in picture

What a journey it has been to find the right combination of medicine!  This is a part of my journey I will be continuing to share and update.  Upon having my second my amazing new neurologist I found retired.  I was slightly panicking, but he recommended another wonderful person for me to work with in his office. 

 I am here to say having the right health care provider is so valuable. This is something I feel passionately about.  They are your lifeline in this road we travel and you need someone in your corner willing to fight for your health.

In the first couple of years after my second son’s birth we worked to continue the preventatives set in place by my neurologist who retired.  We also had to bring in some new things to my toolkit.  It is this constant medicine game that can feel exhausting.  However, you must be diligent and not give up. Your quality of life and ability to live it depend on your consistency here.

Migraine patient journey with a story of hope and gratitude.  Reality here with answers of how to live this migraine life.

Why Gratitude?

Friends I will say it is easier to be hopeful and courageous when you are thankful for what life has brought you. You see being stuck in discouragement or frustration rob us of the minutes of joy waiting for us.

Now, I don’t mean to say that having gratitude always comes easy or right away.  You also deserve time and understanding.  I can promise you I wondered why my migraines were so bad at times.  Hmmm…now I see I have been inspired to reach out to you.  My hope is my gratitude for surviving and finding hope is also a way to build you up.

Questions to Consider

How can you make peace with your migraine struggles?  It is ok if you are not ready to do this.  Take your time and know everyone gets here when they are ready.  Come back here for support anytime.

What hope have you found in your journey?  It would be awesome for you to share it and find even more strength in that.  If you are still searching, give yourself grace and know there is no timeclock on your story.  This is a place for hope and healing.  I see you.

coffee cup; gratitude for life

To Be Continued

Nico is now five so in these years I have had many ups and downs.  That is the nature of the migraine journey.  I will continue to share about those here at migraineroad.  Medicine changes, discoveries, and challenges along the way.  However, celebrations must be recognized too!

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36 thoughts on “Migraine Patient Journey: Gratitude”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post. It’s not provided a valueble tip to deal with migraine but also remins us of a important of maintaining a positive attitude, good post.

  2. Very informative post! My migraines have been pretty rare thankfully, but I couldn’t imagine having them regularly with children both at home and work to watch. Glad you have such a great support system!

  3. I absolutely love this article and appreciate your gratitude for all the big and small things in your life. As a medical social worker, I work with people who struggle with adjusting to a chronic health condition, which can affect their mental health. Positive psychology has shown the benefits of a daily gratitude practice on changing our physical, emotional and mental health landscape. You are a perfect example because you have shown us the ups and downs of living with a challenging medical condition. If anyone out there is curious on how to start a gratitude practice and some easy free apps to use check out my post

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  6. Finding gratitude….especially during pain or hurt…is such a hard thing to do but oh so important. It is amazing that when we look for the good things it helps ease the pain. Having the right people by your side is also a very helpful thing!

  7. This is a great post on your journey, thank you for sharing! I love that supportive people can help so much in the journey. Really inspiring!

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  10. What a beautiful and honest read! I don’t experience real migraines – I sometimes have silent migraines, and I know that can hit a nerve with those who experience them fully. I know this because I love those who do experience migraines, and I am an extremely empathetic person, so I think this post hit deeper for me than it would if I experienced them firsthand. Gratitude is quite the thing to imagine to pair with such an immense pain. But you made your reasons for it clear and understandable, and I’m glad you have.

    1. I am so sorry that you get migraines and so often! I am glad my blog has been helpful. I will be working on more content to support readers. Reach out if there are topics you are interested in. I hope you can find some relief for your migraines.

  11. Thank you for the reminder. Life can become mundane – but there is always something to be grateful for. Looking at things thru the eyes of our kids makes life so beautiful.

  12. Finding gratitude during the times we are struggling most is one of the hardest things to do. However, it helps heal the soul and helps you through it. Great post, I really enjoyed it

  13. Love this! I too have lived with migraines for many years, and gratitude makes a huge difference. I’d love to be migraine-free all the time, but I can be thankful that I have substantially fewer migraines than I once did, and I am full of gratitude for my hubby and kids who care for me when I am in pain.

    1. I love your mindset here and appreciate you sharing your thoughts and heart. I am so sorry you struggle with migraines, but I am thankful you have great support. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here!

  14. Another great write from you! You are right…gratitude is so very important. As are the people beside us. Always wishing you the best on your journey!

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