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Migrastil Migraine Stick: Review and More

Migrastil Migraine Stick

On a Personal Note

This migraine journey has led me down a road of countless medications and products.  The Migrastil Migraine Stick is a product I can back with no reservations and excitement to hopefully help others. Anything I share will be one I have not only tried but seen some actual benefits from.  Each person must find what works for them.  As we travel down this migraine road we are in this together.  Finding things to help us feel better and even prevent attacks are huge wins.  I will continue to strive to do that while connecting with you here.  This is about keeping things real and providing support. Thank you for being here.

Founder of Migraineroad supporting Migrastil Migraine Stick

This is not a sponsored post, but this post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I can earn from qualifying purchases. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Migrastil Migraine Stick: Created by a Person Living with Migraine

These products are not only designed to benefit the lives of people with migraine, but are more easily trusted because someone from the community who truly understands is behind them. This made me even more confident in the hope of their helping ability. There are so many products out there, but I wanted to find things that would actually make a difference.

Why I Love the Migrastil Migraine Stick

The Migrastil Migraine Stick is a staple in my migraine life.  As a seasoned person living with migraine I am not throwing out trusted and needed medications, but I am willing to use whatever it takes to stay healthy and live life. So I will keep my tool kit fully stocked and be open to things that can improve my quality of life. This migraine stick has helped me and saved me from some severe migraines. 

Two purposes make this product that much more beneficial.  It helps with both treatment and prevention.  Both of those are so valuable to people with migraine and those that care about them.

Pain is no small part of a migraine.  I am willing to pull out all the stops when my migraines are at their worst and have used all meds, ice, and this migraine stick to help me stay out of the ER.  On some amazing occasions, the Migrastil Migraine Stick has been the game changer in bringing the migraine down instead of it amping up more and sending me to the ER.  

migraine sufferer holding head in hands

There have been times when in addition to my daily preventatives I have taken all my abortive meds.  If you are familiar with the triptans you know the max allowed in 24 hours.  If you are not, the issue with migraine meds is you sometimes reach the end of the line and still haven’t found relief.  This can leave the migraine sufferer feeling desperate and scared. 

When this happened, I realized that I have ensured that I have used everything in my toolkit.  That includes the migraine stick.  The essential oils are so beneficial and I have felt the sweet relief of the combined efforts of them and my meds keeping me from an attack that just won’t quit. 

Migrastil Migraine Stick and Migraine Prevention

The best plan for migraines is prevention of course.  Although we know it is not the migraine patient’s fault if they have a migraine.  We can still strive to be warriors who fight off the migraine beast with everything we have.  I have used the migraine stick to ward off some of the most overwhelming smells.  Sweaty kids from recess and P.E. class with no deodorant or too much perfume at an event.  All could and have previously sent me into some of the worst migraines. 

Migrastil Migraine Stick

However, now with the Migrastil Migraine Stick, I don’t panic at the first whiff of an overwhelming smell. Instead, I remember that I have a trick up my sleeve perhaps literally and I don’t have to fear the worst.  I rub the stick on my wrist bone and bring that up toward my nose. It is that much more pleasant smell that saves me! I can also hold the stick under my nose for a moment.

The culprits are unaware of the risk their odors are causing me, but my migraine stick is doing its job. One of my worst migraines was from someone’s body odor. It sent me to the ER.  Now, I keep this with me and do my best to avoid/manage what triggers I can. Read more about migraine triggers here.

Migraine Stick Specifics

Migrastil Migraine Stick ingredients

Essential oils make this an all-natural product.  Sometimes it’s just nice not to have to take another medication.  Peppermint, spearmint, and lavender are a nice combination.  The peppermint makes a big difference for me. These essential oils make up the migraine stick and are a therapeutic grade. They are also in a base of fractionated coconut oil. This creates a product soothing to the migraine needs and protective of your skin.

It is compact so it is easy to carry with you and the lid keeps it mess-free.  This is the perfect way to transport such a helpful product. I love to keep one in my purse, desk, and kit I am building.

Product directions on the box: “Apply a small amount to your temples and forehead avoiding your eyes. Apply more freely to the back of your neck.”

This product is fairly priced and much cheaper than other essential oils.  It does seem to last a while as well. The company considered its customers when making this product. Get this amazing product here! It can be shipped right to your door!

Migraine Creme-Don’t Miss This Additional Product

Migrastil Migraine Creme

Wow, this Migrastil Migraine Creme is amazing!  Neck pain is a huge contributor to my migraines and I have found this cream to be very effective in relieving pain.  Even if it is one piece of the toolkit, it is one I am not willing to give up. It took one use for me to realize I was not willing to part with it. I have tried a variety of other creams and never found one that compares. The smell is no issue either and that is a big deal as well. I use this cream on a regular basis.

Up Next

Look ahead to some more great products.  Migraine lamps, face masks, and other products will be coming your way.  I am on a mission to find things to improve the lives of people living with migraine.  All the while I hope to save you time and money from things that don’t work or cannot be trusted.  

More of my journey and other resources are to come.  The heart of migraineroad is support and community.  Thank you for being here. You can connect in our Facebook group here. You can also find resources on our Instagram here. Stay up to date and receive additional tips by signing up for the monthly newsletter. You will never be alone on migraineroad.

24 thoughts on “Migrastil Migraine Stick: Review and More”

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  3. This is fantastic! I’ve tried the migraine stick before – but the neck and shoulders cream is a new item for me to try. Thanks for the great suggestions!

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  5. Thank you so much for this product review and informative post. I have already heard a few good recommendations about migraine sticks, but have never tried them. Maybe it’s time to do that?

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  7. Charlie-Elizabeth Nadeau

    Love that the product is all natural! Happy to hear it has helped you, that’s encouraging, will be saving this recommendation! Thank you for sharing, it’s awesome.

  8. Charlie-Elizabeth Nadeau

    Love that the product is all natural! Happy to hear it has helped you, that’s encouraging, will be saving this recommendation! Thank you for sharing, it’s awesome.

  9. Awesome recommendation! I have several family members besides myself who suffer from migraines but avoid medications – this would be a great alternative.

  10. This is my first time learning about the Migrastil Migraine Stick. Nice to see that it is something you recommend. Not that pricey either.

  11. This is so great! I am so happy to see the inclusion of migraine products. This is great for people to be aware of to help them out! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Never thought of this at all! I suffer from migraines a lot and it just gets annoying sometimes. I would definitely look for those migraine sticks.

  13. I need to try this. I usually get a migraine once a month. If I can catch it early… it doesn’t knock me out. I can almost smell this migraine stick through the computer screen. I NEED this!

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