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man and woman riding a bike on grass and actually down an inactive volcano

My Migraine Journey: Hope in the Journey

My migraine journey was paved with what felt like a few roadblocks along the way, but I was always hoping we were moving in the right direction.  Sometimes you need that outlook to keep you going.. After migraines had settled into my life, I had begun to try many medicines as rescue drugs.  This list was long and constantly being added to. I had stretches of fewer migraines and hoped that things were improving.  This roller coaster lasted for several years. 

The feeling of relief when I didn’t have a migraine kept me going. Finally, I found some medicines that were working well and I added in some yoga which was helpful. I also found some useful things I could utilize at home. I was able to live with a regular routine and a migraine sufferer cannot always say that.  There was a period where things were much better. I was teaching, dated, and married my husband.  I had support throughout all of these times. It is this period that reminded me what I wanted to fight for.  I wanted a life I could live, enjoy, and find purpose in.  We can all have this.

To not tell you I have been blessed would leave out some of the best of my story. Friends, we must look for the blessings in all places. My road had led me from a past life of trauma into a life of love. I became myself again, learned I could live in peace, and finally felt free. Perhaps there is hope and healing in that as well.

Disclaimer on the picture. That is a picture of my husband and I on our honeymoon. We were in Hawaii and rode bikes down an inactive volcano. He warned me they typically put the smallest person in front who looks the most scared. I am 5’1”. You can guess where I ended up. The guide asked if I wanted to ride in the van behind the bikers. There was no way I was doing that.

You see I also had learned I had a voice and this strength brought out determination. Or maybe stubbornness. Either way I think this too has helped me in my fight to keep going on this journey.

There is more to my story and it does include more ups and downs. Wherever you find yourself know this….in all things we have the opportunity to grow and to find hope. You are here. You have found a place to be hopeful.

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7 thoughts on “My Migraine Journey: Hope in the Journey”

  1. After reading so many of your other blog posts it was nice to read more about your background. I get regular migraines too and those hours of peace when you’re not in pain are amazing!

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  3. I also suffer from migraines, such a difficult thing to deal with. It definitely helps to have people support you thru the journey..

  4. ” In all things, we have the opportunity to grow and find hope” is a word. Thanks for sharing your life’s journey with migraine, looking forward to your future posts.

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