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My Story

My name is Lindsey de los Santos. I have had migraine for 30 years. I am a wife, mom, and writer. I am also a teacher. I know the challenges migraine brings and I am passionate about making a positive difference. 

I have been so fortunate with the community at migraineroad. In addition to this place, I have connected with some other migraine groups. These include The American Migraine Foundation, MigraineAgain, and Miles for Migraine. I have gained new knowledge through this work and taken part in meaningful collaboration. I have a passion for writing and advocating for migraine.

I am dedicated to my work and to helping others. I look forward to more collaboration in the future. 

This Space

Migraine Road was created to give people with migraine a safe and supportive space to find encouragement and resources. Many with migraine feel alone and discouraged while trying to manage life. I wanted to build a community where people could visit and know that they were not alone and they were heard. The response has been so positive and I am thankful for each person who comes to migraineroad.

Reach out if I can support you or a project you are working on.

Yes, I have reached first page status for many posts, ranked key words, etc. However, what really matters is the feedback from the people I work with and my website community! When I hear things like, “I have never felt so heard before!” or “I learned ____ in your post and it changed my life!” I know there is a purpose in this work. 

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