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If you’ve found your way here you may know the beast migraine.  The purpose of this blog is to provide support for migraine sufferers and to be a resource for those who might want to understand what others go through.  I have had migraines for 30 years and it has been a journey like no other.  I have cried, rejoiced, and hoped along this road.  This is a lifelong journey. 

 Migraines are not gentle or kind.  They are like a train wreck and a hurricane at the same time.  You can’t always stop one from happening and they can take control of your life.  However, with encouragement and tools you can still live your life and from that find hope. The hope I have found has come from support and when that is absent you can feel alone and hopeless.  That is where the name Migraine Road came from.  I want migraine sufferers to know they are not alone on this journey.  There are others who understand and this is a place to come to feel heard and find encouragement. 

In my life as a wife, mom of two  active little boys, and as a fourth grade teacher the migraine road has not been easy.  I inherited migraines from my amazing mom.  I have watched her, my sister, and many I care about deal with this painful condition. So this is a work of the heart.

  I also want those who have people they care about with migraines to hear real stories and see that they have the power to create hope and comfort for their loved ones.  There are resources to understand and find some relief. Migraine is a beast, but it can be contained. We are on this road together.

So, this is a place to support you!  Explore the posts and find encouragement here!  You can also locate information on a variety of migraine topics if you desire to have a deeper understanding.  Soon, I’d love for you to check out my migraine kit as well.  I have put together some of my tried and true favorites.  As a long time migraine sufferer I have tried a catalogued list of different products out there and this kit is one I have been thankful I have kept on hand.  I’ll let you know when this is ready for you! 

Being positive is the mindset here.  That said, we have to be real and that does require honesty.  You can expect to hear more of my story and others as well.  I always say everyone has a story and we can learn from each other.  I look forward to growing this community and sharing resources with my migraine friends.







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