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Help Now Please: Can These Painful Migraines Be Hormone Related?

Are these hormones to blame?

As my journey continued, I had a new challenge on this migraine road. Can these painful migraines be hormone related? This question is one that is very relevant to many and definitely is a part of my story. My migraines were increasing again. I wasn’t prepared for this part of the journey, but sometimes you just have to find your way and do the best you can.

There were times I had become a regular at the ER. So much so that they knew me well and they were actually the doctors who identified my hormones as one of my triggers. They aren’t supposed to be the ones to do that. After about four months or so the doctor looked at my chart and said, “I think we have a pattern here.” They usually see patients one time right!?

Even upon leaving a few times doctors and nurses were so kind and said come back when you need to. We will be here. While I appreciated this compassion it wasn’t my goal to return. My hope was finding a way to prevent these hormonal migraines. I had many questions? What hormone is causing these menstrual migraines? What are my options in ways to prevent them? Are there even ways to avoid them?


This is when I found such value in my doctors working as a team. My neurologist and primary care physician worked together to provide me with the best medication. My neurologist continued to work on the right rescue medications which involved trying different combinations of meds and at times even going back to things I had tried before. It also seems in this migraine world there are hoops you have to jump through to get what you need. This can be what might feel like the insurance game. More on that later.

My primary care physician was also working hard to help me and improve my well being. She gave me a birth control pill that would keep my estrogen levels low so I didn’t have the monthly spike due to my menstrual cycle. That was the culprit for my hormones causing some of my migraines. It was going from the highs and lows of my estrogen levels that was causing me to have a migraine and end up in the ER every time. What a relief that I finally had a treatment plan for this issue from my doctors.

Moving Forward

Finding answers and solutions on this migraine road takes diligence for sure. This was an improvement for one of my eight triggers. So I didn’t completely miss my ER friends during this time. I still visited them every so often and there is more on this road of adventures to discuss.

From these visits and my home migraine needs I created a migraine kit over time. I’ll be writing about both the ER and the Migraine Kit. I will also be sharing my story and information about migraines and pregnancy. We must celebrate every new discovery and win. We counted this one as a win. On this road you must be your own advocate, find doctors who you can trust, and count your blessings.

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18 thoughts on “Help Now Please: Can These Painful Migraines Be Hormone Related?”

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  2. I find it quite hard to find healthcare professionals here in Canada that actually work together to find ways to diagnose and help people! I can see how it could be a critical piece of the puzzle.

  3. UGH. SO sorry you had migraines so severely every month… mine are also hormonal, and tracking them with the Migraine Buddy app was what finally made that clear to me. Glad your doctors caught it – it’s really difficult to even think about what could be causing migraines when you’re right in the middle of it!

  4. Thank you for this. I learn so much about migraines from your blog which is super helpful as mine have been flaring up recently and can’t think of a cause.

  5. Man I empathize with you so much on it. I think you touch on something that may be a missing link in my case. I have struggled to keep a primary care doctor consistently over the last 3 years (they keep quitting!). So I haven’t had the benefit of coordination between other providers and specialists

  6. Interesting read. It great that you and your Health Care Providers were able to correlate your estrogen levels with your migraines. I know a older family male member in thier 50s who complain about migraine headaches. I wonder if the same is true with decreased testosterone levels?

  7. Hormone levels rise and fall during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause; these fluctuations can trigger or worsen existing migraines. Some women with migraines report that their headaches occur only during certain phases of their cycle, and other women find that pregnancy brings on migraines or helps improve them. This is indeed a complicated issue. And not everyone has the sensitivity to understand. Thanks for sharing!

  8. That’s awesome that your healthcare professionals worked together and found a way to help you!
    Also, hormones ugh!!! 😩

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