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Weather Related Migraine Treatment

thunderstorm warning sign

Aches and Pains Alert

Weather related migraine treatment starts with prevention in creative ways. Action must start as soon as you hear your meteorologist say the words, “aches and pains alert”.  Or your body will become the forecast teller.  We must be inventive and resourceful because we can’t control the weather. 

 We can only manage things within ourselves and if we do that we can have a better chance of keeping ourselves in the game. So if you hear the warnings of an aches and pains alert, know there are some things you can do to better your chances of getting through.  This starts with some daily choices. 

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Weather Related Triggers and Tips for Surviving Them

Storms: Some see these as good reading weather, but to the person with migraine more is brewing than a story

Barometric Pressure: Pressure changes are a very common migraine trigger.  Check out this app which allows you to have updated weather details at your fingertips. (More information is below.)

Sun Glare: A beautiful sunny day takes on a whole new meaning if you have migraine.  This does not mean people with migraine cannot be sun lovers too.  It just means there are times when that bright light is more of a curse than a blessing.  It is an excuse for you to buy a fantastic pair of sunglasses!

High Winds: It is amazing what triggers a migraine! If this gets you, take cover as best you can.

Extreme Cold: Bundling up becomes a necessity in a whole new way.  Time to invest in a serious hat and scarf if you like.  Keeping your head and ears warm can make a huge difference.

Overheating: Those sunny days bring more than a bright light.  Heat can play into a migraine attack as well.  Keeping cool with clothing, shade, and if needed retreating indoors could ward off an attack.  Hydration is key as well. I always carry a water bottle with me.

The first one I use if I am on the go to keep water cold. The second one I use throughout the day to ensure I am drinking enough water.


If weather is a trigger for you, maybe your meteorologist will be in your migraine toolkit. Keep an eye on the weather.  Don’t let it become something you obsess or stress about.  Instead, let the awareness empower you to do more to manage your care.  This gives you more hope in these times.  Get updates on your phone, check the weather, or even try the apps below.

7 day forecast


These are options.  You will have to decide what is best for you.

The  Barometric Pressure App as mentioned above tracks barometric pressure and weather conditions. You can use this as an app or download it as a Chrome extension.

Weather-X Forecast is an app connected to their earplugs.  The earplugs are designed to help with pressure changes.  Even if the earplugs do not provide relief, the app provides a barometric forecast of the next 7 days.  This could be very helpful.

Steps to Manage Other Triggers and Prevent Compounding Them

Compounding triggers can lead to an attack that is severe or hard to manage. Try to prevent other triggers from striking. This can include food, lack of sleep, and if possible limiting stress for some examples. Make sure you eat well and have snacks on hand. Sudden dips in blood sugar or skipping meals can be a migraine trigger for some.  Irregular sleep patterns are a very common migraine trigger as well.  

In addition to these, stress can play a huge role in your migraine health.  However, it is understandable that life throws a lot at us.  Don’t beat yourself up though. Life can get in the way and no one is at fault.  There are just times when we do our best and the triggers add up. Then we have to focus on the weather-related migraine treatment and any other treatment needs as well.   

Check-In with Your People: This includes family and those you work with if needed.  Your family can support you if you do begin to suffer from a migraine.  They can help support you if you need to rest or fill up on supplies.

Include communicating with your coworkers: They can better understand if you have any changes due to the weather. Through understanding comes compassion and this will allow you to have a better chance of weathering the storm so to speak. These are your people too. 

Must-Have List

Find what fits your needs here and keep those things handy. Prevention and being prepared are your best defense.  Taking any added stress away by having these things will help as well. 

Sunglasses for sun glare and any brightness that is migraine triggering

Medicines stocked up in case of an attack.  It is always better to take these right away instead of waiting.  In my experience waiting only increases the pain and lessens the chance of the medication actually working. 

Hot/cold packs are great for pain relief. My favorites are below. I have also written more about these.

Snacks: Prevent another trigger from compounding into a big migraine if possible

Hat for cold weather

Water bottle to stay hydrated at all times (Be especially conscious when in the heat.)

Weather-Related Migraine Treatment: Reality

The bottom line is you can do your best, but you don’t control everything.  So do all you can and give yourself grace.  Know that if you are on top of your care, you have done what you can and “this too shall pass”. Depending on where you live the weather can change quickly or you may have adapted to some of the conditions. 

Migraine life holds its challenges, but the seasoned sufferer will gather their own bag of tricks. This can take time, but pay off in the long run.  If you are new to this illness know you are not alone and there are some things you can do. We are in this together friends and here at migraineroad  this migraine life is one of community and hope. 

Girl in warm hat

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35 thoughts on “Weather Related Migraine Treatment”

  1. I’ve battled migraines for the better part of my life. The weather’s constant flux in northeastern Ohio has always factored into my headaches.

  2. This is so helpful! It’s really smoky where I live today and I definitely noticed a big increase in tension and headaches. I’ll for sure be drinking lots of water! Thank you for the great tips.

  3. I’d like to try the Weather Forecast app as I’m very sensitive to changes in pressure. It might be a big help to me. Thank you for sharing these
    tips, they’re truly helpful.

  4. My migraines went away years ago when I gave up artificial ingredients but every once in awhile the weather seems to ignite quite a bad headache…almost to the point of a migraine. Thanks for the tips!

  5. This is such a helpful article. Thankfully I have never suffered a migraine but my MIL has them a lot and this has helped me to be more aware of all the weather related things that can cause them. Where we live, the weather can change from bright sunshine, to wind and rain, to snow in one day! I do sometimes wonder if it is the wind that gives me headaches sometimes. Will have to keep an eye on that. Thanks, Lizzy

  6. I am incredibly fortunate only to have had two migraines in my life that were allergies triggered. I was miserable!! My SIL has them all the time, which is painful to see. I will share your great article with her.
    I had no idea the weather was such a huge factor.

  7. I get terrible migraines when the weather changes or it gets really cold but I’ve got my arsenal of migraine medicines. And I try to treat it before it gets really bad there’s just some great tips. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Really enjoyed this post. I don’t suffer from migraines, but I hate when the seasons change only because I get splitting headaches when the temperature changes drastically. Some great tips here on how to be aware of the changes and manage everything.

  9. Weather is probably my biggest migraine trigger — and the older I get the worse (more frequently?) I am triggered. I am NOT looking forward to this coming winter. I didn’t know about the barometric pressure app. I will look into that post haste. Thanks for all the info!

  10. I thought I was getting headaches because I wasn’t drinking enough water. However, this post made me realize that I might be getting weather related migraines; very informative post.

  11. This one caught my eye, work last week I ran into a few people who complained about headaches. I also live in an area where the weather is starting to change and how this can impact that. Thank you for providing this information.

  12. As someone who suffers from migraines, the weather is definitely a cause sometimes! I always have sunglasses with me, for sure. I love these tips because migraines suck! Thankfully my botox injections help A LOT.

  13. Excellent tips! I’ll be sharing your article with a friend who often suffers from migraines, I think she’ll find your blog very helpful 🙂 thank you!

  14. Well, I might not be a migraine sufferer, but I can totally relate to the weather causing issues for an illness. I was aware that weather can be bad for migraines because of a close friend who has them a lot. Your posts are always so informative and clear. Great job.

  15. I have what I thought were sinus headaches for as long as I can remember. I only found out recently that most of the time they are migraines. Thanks you for these great tips. I am always treating rather than preventing.

  16. Excellent tips! Weather-related triggers are definitely harder to manage and prepare for, but even just the awareness that you may have a migraine to deal with is helpful.

  17. Absolutely wonderful tips. I’ve struggled with a variety of migraines over the years. As I get older, weather and stress seem to be the biggest triggers. Great ideas on how to help combat these horrible migraines.

  18. So many great tips for migraine sufferers! Thankfully, I don’t deal with typical migraines. But I have gotten an instant headache when the sun suddenly reflects off of the rearview mirror of a car ahead of me. Ugh!

  19. I too suffer from migraines which are sometimes triggered by weather. When it’s sunny, the squinting makes my temples start throbbing. Cold also makes me tighten my jaw which starts a migraine as well. I know the struggle.

    Thanks for sharing those tips

  20. I suffer from weather migraines, therefore this article is very helpful for me and, no doubt, for others like me. Thanks so much for sharing!

  21. I get horrible migraines, sometimes they last for days on end. I have to either wait for them to break or get. shot to calm them or make them go away completely. The weather has a lot to do with my migraines so although I love stormy weather, my head does not.

  22. It’s so amazing you are highlighting this because it really helps provide strategies for people to feel better. Thank you for brining these ideas up!

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