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Migraine Patient Journey: Post It Love

Migraine Patient Journey--post its

My migraine patient journey is sweeter because of some very special people in my life. I will share with you my transparency of going through one of my migraine attacks. However, I will also reveal the power of positivity in your life. I have felt both in an extreme way!

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Migraine Patient Journey--post its

The Attack

It was Valentine’s Day and I was teaching in my fourth-grade classroom. The day had started and all seemed fine. Kids were coming in with their boxes and cards. We had some fun things planned for the party that day. I am always amazed at how Pinterest has upped our game.

This was the school year after 2020. So we were in a time where people were still being very cautious and the world wasn’t going to be as it was before for these kids. Their bright eyes and big hearts never skipped a beat. Children are amazing. We addressed fears and questions that year, but we also embraced new opportunities.

I made it to about halfway through the day. I started getting that stabbing pain on the right side of my head. That is my classic spot for my migraines and sometimes behind my right eye. Oh, I prayed! Not now, but how many times have I prayed that? So many events. 

I knew I had to act even if I didn’t want to admit it. Migraines only get angrier with time. I got to the nurse’s office to take my injection. If only I could take that medicine and teach my kids! That is what is supposed to happen. That is the goal of my medicine and a plan I am working on! I am making progress, but it is a journey.

Migraine Patient Journey: ER Trip

Unfortunately, that is not what happened that day. The nausea set in and the light and sound sensitivity were magnified. I became weaker and the pain was unbearable. I was still not where I would get on the pain scale at my worst, but I was going downhill. As a teacher, when these start at school my track record is they amp up quickly if I am not able to get them under control with medication right away. The pain sets in and then I rapidly get worse. I have gone through periods of medicines working and other times where things are not as consistent.

So my game plan now is to continue to fine-tune these preventatives and have a solid rescue medication plan. Mine is extensive and I am working closely with my doctors. I currently am in another time of trying to manage severe attacks. I will be writing about the new medications I am trying a little later. I am hopeful.

Migraine Patient Journey--ER

Ultimately, my husband had to pick me up. I was crushed. I mean, who leaves their kids on Valentine’s Day? All I could think about was abandoning my students, which probably didn’t help. As much as I didn’t want to leave, there was no way that I could stay. Once my rescue medication doesn’t work and I reach a certain point, as a seasoned sufferer I know where I am headed. 

I did end up in the ER and had the standard night of waiting for IV meds, and the hope that I would not get admitted. Fortunately, at that time I was able to be treated and go home. This was a Friday. This gave me a little more time to rest.

Class Family

What I didn’t know was what my amazing students were doing while I was gone. Let me first tell you that that group of students is remarkable. With this group we created a class family through virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning. We celebrated each other, cried for our losses together, and never let anyone be left out. The bond between these students was incredible and their kindness towards me will never be forgotten. 

This is my 22nd year of teaching and I have to tell you that each year you spend the year building a family. They stick with you and while the year comes to an end their place in your heart does not. They just stay with you. 

Post It Love

Migraine Patient Journey--post its

These kids showed up for me in a big way. Upon reaching my classroom door I noticed a post-it note stuck to it. It said, “We missed you!” I smiled and thought about how lucky I was to have this class. I still felt bad for leaving them. Boy, did they show me what real love and kindness is.

As I opened the door, my room was covered in post-it notes. (Disclaimer: I am a bit obsessed with post its:)). Our building sub had gone ahead and done a Valentine’s Party with the kids. They had their Valentine’s to pass out and I had games planned. That is a rock star sub job by the way!

 My sweet kids had taken time out of their party to show me some love. Every cabinet, wall, and board was covered with post-its. Each note had a sweet message on it written to me. They said things like, “You keep our family together and I love being in your class.” There were so many. I just smiled and cried at the same time. 

That group of fourth graders touched my heart in such a special way. They humbled me with their grace and empathy. If ever you wondered about our young people or what kids can do, I must tell you I have had the honor to work with some remarkable students. 

Power of Positivity

My migraine patient journey is not over, but it is a little brighter when I choose to find the blessings inside it. Wow, what a story of love and kindness I got to live! So many of those things in my life. This story still gets me when I tell it. 

We cannot choose all of our circumstances, but we can choose how we respond. Read more about gratitude in Migraine Patient Journey: Gratitude. On the darker days, I allow myself grace and rest. Then I remember how much I have to be grateful for. When I start listing those things I quickly feel better. I am where I am because of the people in my life. Find your people and let them know how important they are to you.

Stay Connected

This migraine journey is not a battle you should fight alone. Reach out for support and you are always welcome here. Join our Facebook group and/or reach out on the contact page.

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24 thoughts on “Migraine Patient Journey: Post It Love”

  1. What a beautiful thing to have your “class family” and with this group of students that were so supportive. Fantastic post and a fantastic blog to help others suffering migraines.

  2. Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine how hard that day was! I just received an infusion for my autoimmune condition and now I’m dealing with a killer migraine as a result. Positivity and perspective are so important!

  3. I’m fortunate in that I don’t get headaches of any kind. The last one I had was in 1998, while at work! Having a strong support group makes a major difference and you certainly have that!

  4. Awe! I love this story about your kiddos and their obvious love for you! Working with kids is such an amazing thing and knowing you have made a difference in their lives would be a bright spot in what wasn’t a great time for sure! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Your students are amazingly sweet! You must have a great impact on them as a teacher. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story and finding the positive in tough situations!

  6. Gale

    Migraines are such a hard thing to deal with! I get them too but not near as much as I used to. Meds are a great thing and thank goodness for them! They truly make a difference in my life! So glad you had support through this! Love the way the kids supported you! Way to go!

  7. That is SO sweet! What an amazing gift to get from your students and it’s such a powerful message that even a small post it can make a big difference to our well-being. Thanks for sharing such a lovely article.

  8. It’s so frustrating when it feels like your body is turning against you. Gratitude, rest, grace… a powerful combination to fight off anything negative.

    And what a sweet classroom you have!! It definitely shows the quality of teacher that *you* are, to have kids show up in such a big way for you.

  9. You have some awesome kids! You are such a strong person to teach young children, deal with migraines, and to blog. I wish you the best and pray that things get better 🙂

  10. Such a beautiful way for your students to show how much you are appreciated. Migraines are the absolute worst and I hope you find something soon that works to help you through the worst of them.

  11. I can only imagine the pain of having migraine and being a teacher, but I hope you can find a way to manage your condition if it’s recurrent. I have found that something that gives me peace is to be grateful for the blessings I have and not worry about the future, I try to leave it to my heavenly father who provides for my loved ones and me.

  12. What a thoughtful thing for your students to do for you while you were out with a migraine. I’m a chronic sufferer so I can kind of imagine how migraines impact your life. Stay strong!

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