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Migraine Patient Thank You Letter

Migraine Patient Journey: Thank you note with heart

This migraine patient thank you letter represents my heart and the truth that our work family is often as much a part of our lives as our home family. For me that is so very true. In the letter below you will hear how I shared my heart with my family so they would know my gratitude and see some of my transparency with my migraine attacks. I have also seen more stories of others who have given up on the life I get to live. My heart aches for them. My hope is to support and help others find peace on this journey.

Sometimes seeing it through the person with migraine’s eyes makes all the difference. We don’t always know quite how to help others see our point of view and yet those who care about us want to understand. Those who know us, but don’t know this illness can have a clearer picture of things if we take the time to explain. 

Why Being Transparent Matters

One of my closest friends made this clear to me. She said even though I have known you for years, it wasn’t until I saw these migraines close up and you explained them that I truly understood what you were going through. For our own well being and the protection of our relationships we must take the time to explain.

For this reason I chose to be real and honest with my work family. It was a risk and I was completely vulnerable. My people are kind and inspiring. I wanted them to hear more from me when I was in my right mind and without pain. Writing can be a great release and a powerful communicator. 

Migraine Journey: Letter

I am sharing a part of my letter with you in the hopes that it helps you see an example of how it is ok to share your heart and ask those close to you to see you for you. Many have reached out and said they don’t know how to start the conversation or what to say.  It is acceptable and beneficial to be honest. Open communication leads to understanding and empathy. We would offer others the same. Speak your heart, be honest, and know you are doing all you can. 

For some respect for my family and confidentiality, I will leave names off here. 

Migraine Patient Thank You Letter

Migraine Journey: Thank you note on heart

Dear School Family,

I wanted to express my deepest gratitude if you have a few minutes. My honest hope is I am connecting with kids and our people while helping students grow. I want them to be the best versions of themselves, to know they are cared for, and my door is always open. My heart is in this place. 

My interactions with you on a daily basis are so valuable. Your kindness, smiles, and grace are so inspiring. I have seen some rough days and sometimes the gentle hug or wave is uplifting in the midst of things. There have been diet cokes to the rescue, rides to the hospital, and even a dear friend who gave up her spot in the nurse’s office for me. This place is a rare find and I know that without a doubt. I hit the jackpot by making my home here. 

Migraine Journey: Woman making heart with hands

There may be times when it seems I am a bit off or I ask you to repeat yourself. Please know I am listening. This could mean I am in pain or be a medication side effect. Also, know that if this is significant I will do what I need to in the best interest of all. I am diligently working with my neurologist to manage these migraine attacks. Regardless, what you have to say is important to me. Please feel free to repeat yourself or tell me again later. 

One of my students asked me if I always have a migraine and things just make the pain worse or if I only get them on some days. While the question broke my heart a little, it also reminded me there are some honest questions. This did come after I had to leave an assembly and I noticed they are just so intuitive. If they even see me touch my head, they go to turn off the lights and ask how I am. Kids can be inspiring. Kids can be many things, and I count myself blessed to be here for so many reasons. 

Dream big in clouds

I don’t always have a migraine, but I am still getting them frequently. Typically, I am getting 1-2 per week. The goal is to stay home and make it to school. I am working closely with my neurologist on a new preventative plan and some additional rescue meds in my regiment. I am so blessed with good health care. 

So, again, I don’t have one everyday, but they do affect my daily life. They cause me excruciating pain. When all symptoms are present I have nausea, dizziness, can have some cognitive issues at times, etc. These things will cause me to leave school. 

That said, I want to be a part of our SVE family with my whole heart. I may have to step out of some assemblies, but I am not giving up on them all. I want to be at gatherings and I am here for the long haul as long as you will have me. 

This migraine life isn’t easy, but I am so very blessed. I have so much more than many and a great deal to be thankful for. On the good days I remind myself of that and on the others I try to heal. 

In Everything Give Thanks on note in hands

I am where I am because of you and without the support here I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. Grace and empathy are two powerful forces. That mixed with gratitude and hope has powered me through this journey and kept my passion ignited to live this life the best that I can. My hope is to help others along the way. Please reach out at any time if I can ever do anything for you and know that I am forever grateful for your kindness. 

I am here to be there for you as you have for me. Use me as a buddy room, triage teacher, ride if your car breaks down, shoulder, etc. In this life I am blessed. It is a blessing to be there for others. 

Migraine Journey: Hands in support


Writing the letter was a risk, but I felt it was the right thing to do. I wanted my people to know how much I cared and sharing it with you took some vulnerability as well. I have found that people appreciate the ability to relate to others and find those who are on the same journey. Not everyone will have an identical experience, but we can all be there to encourage each other. That is the greatest source of hope. Return here any time for support and know you are not alone on this journey.  You can read more about related topics in Gratitude: Migraine Patient Journey and Best Jobs for People with Migraines.


20 thoughts on “Migraine Patient Thank You Letter”

  1. That’s so kind of you to write this letter and share it with others! Honesty is so important, and we also slowly learn who are the people we can trust and open up about our invisible pain. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice blog. I also think it’s very important that people understand about migraines especially if they never experienced it. I have a friend with migraines so learning more about it, I want to be able to be a good support.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story and your letter. Your heartfelt letter to your work family was inspiring and touching. That was so brave and amazing of you to share with your readers and co-workers.

  4. You are so brave and its so beautiful to see how you are blessed and grateful and so appreciative in the letter and in this post. So great to have a supportive work family and share this letter with them. Thank you for sharing!

  5. This was so warm and personal. As a migraine sufferer myself, it really struck a chord with me and I teared up a bit at times. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

  6. Chermaine Marshall

    Great article! I suffer from chronic migraines that are debilitating. Thank you for this article!

  7. Such a beautiful open letter. I have appreciated your honesty and vulnerability. Children can be very straightforward and I think you being just as real with them comes respect even if they may not understand fully what you are enduring. Great post. 😊

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

  8. I am so glad you are open about this. Migraines took 12 years of my life. I finally figured out what was triggering mine and got them under control, but will never ever forget the torture of living with that. I hope you and your neurologist get this down to just 1 or 2 a year.

  9. You are so brave and its so beautiful to see how you are blessed and grateful and so appreciative in the letter and in this post. So great to have a supportive work family and share this letter with them. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Charlie-Elizabeth Nadeau

    Wow inspiring and what a brave but needed choice to allow your work family to better understand. I applaud you for being transparent and vulnerable, it’s so hard to do. You inspire me to try and do the same!

  11. As a newlywed, I can find myself struggling to be transparent with my husband. I don’t want to come across as weak or negative, always complaining or something. But it’s essential I share so he can better understand and support me. Great reminder, thank you for sharing your heart!

  12. I love the honesty and care in your letter. My best friend has had horrible migraines the entire time I’ve known her. Reading your letter was eye-opening for me. Thank you for sharing so freely.

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