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Migraine Lifestyle Changes

Migraine lifestyle changes, fruit, prescription pad, running shoes

Migraine lifestyle changes have created some surprises along the way for me. However, when you weigh the costs versus benefits there is no real comparison. That said, I have found some ways to have a compromise with what migraine requires of me. I will share those with you knowing that each of us has to find what works for our own life. We can encourage and support one another on this migraine journey.

Less Coffee, Are You Serious?

Migraine lifestyle changes coffee cup

I am a coffee lover and a long time coffee drinker so this was a big one for me. Now, I must start by saying I am not advocating that every person with migraine give up coffee. What I am saying is that in my own journey, I have had neurologists share that it is common to ask migraine patients to keep caffeine under 200 mg. It is also possible that a person with migraine may not tolerate caffeine. Each person must listen to their body and find what is best for them.

In my search for that answer, I thankfully found I didn’t have to give up coffee. Tracking my migraines showed that they were not tied to my cup of joe. However, in my constant search for my best life I have chosen to follow the recommendation of under 200 mg as a part of my migraine lifestyle changes.

Migraine lifestyle changes coffee cup

This means I savor that first cup in the morning and then switch to decaf. Yes, you heard me. Decaf. That is something I never dreamed I would say. At first I contemplated whether it was a waste. Then I realized I love the warm cup, the smell, and perhaps I could trick my brain. So I chose to try it out and it has worked for me. I can even go to my favorite coffee shops and still enjoy a drink.

Botox Stole Your Frown?

This is another one that I never saw coming. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I dreamed of less wrinkles. However, I didn’t think I would be someone to get Botox. After many migraine treatments, hospitalization, and efforts to control my migraine attacks I decided to try Botox. I will share more about this later as I have only had two treatments. I would like to have more before I write a full post about it. 

Migraine lifestyle changes Botox

So, I didn’t get Botox for wrinkles. The goal and insurance approved reason was to reduce my migraine attacks. However, a small silver lining to 37 shots is reduced lines on my forehead and the side effect of no scowling. I am ok with those. Due to where my migraines are located these areas are included.

Now, finding any humor possible makes this journey more bearable. At my most recent hospital stay I saw five neurologists. They were kind and thorough. However, one of them said some things that made me laugh when I was over my migraine attack. I guess he overlooked that I was on Botox. In the midst of the migraine attack, I had to do several quick tests in my examinations. These included vision assessments and scowling for some reason. Well, needless to say I failed the scowling. That was never a face I wore frequently anyway, but it was requested at the time. Finally, the doctor asked if I was getting a lot of Botox! I thought to myself, “I hope he means for migraine!” I was leaning towards yes due to his position, but I was feeling so bad at the time and it was a different reaction from my other experiences. This journey isn’t without its challenges and surprises along the way.

Exercise: Finding New Loves

Running has always been a passion of mine. Prior to kids and the migraine beast amping up I ran at least five days a week. Rain or shine I was out there doing what I loved. After children, my focus changed a bit and it was harder. I would not change my life with them for anything. 

However, what really halted my running was the constant migraine interruption. The burden of having at least one attack interrupted my week. It isn’t just the attack day or days. The migraine recovery after an attack takes a toll as well. These times changed my life.

Migraine lifestyle changes: walking up steps with quote: drink plenty of water, reduce stress

Even still I have not given up running and I have found some new favorites along the way. You can read more about migraine and exercise in my post Exercise Tips for Migraine. I share more about the benefits of yoga and exercise options.

Weight training and yoga have been two things I have added in. They can be gentler on me than pounding the pavement.  I try to alternate all of these activities which is probably something that would have benefited me all along. In fact over time I have participated in all three. I just haven’t been so aware of how they each affect my body at different times. 

So it is really important for each person with migraine or any other disease or illness to find what works best for them. Discover what soothes and supports your well being. I find scheduling these things to be helpful. That said, I do use a pencil currently knowing I need grace as I manage my migraine attacks. 

Stay Connected

Thank you for being here. This migraine life’s better with support. Come back here anytime for encouragement and resources. Reach out on the contact page or join the Facebook group for more conversation. I will continue to share my journey, resources, and helpful products. Through my own migraine road I have developed a passion for helping others. 

Migraine Life Style Changes Favorite Things

I have used these items and found them helpful in my lifestyle changes. The coffee is right next to my caffeinated blend in my cabinet. I love my Boflex kettlebell! I often have to ensure it is available from my other family members. I wish you well as you find what works for you. Reach out with questions.


Although we strive to provide accurate general information, the information presented here is not a substitute for any kind of professional advice, and you should not rely solely on this information. Always consult a professional in the medical and health area for your particular needs and circumstances prior to making any medical or health related decisions. For your health related questions, please seek the advice of a licensed physician or any other qualified health care provider immediately.

27 thoughts on “Migraine Lifestyle Changes”

  1. I do enjoy my espresso in a morning. I also love my work out but I do know I wouldn’t be able to do it without my morning espresso.

  2. Interesting! I never thought of the changes someone might have to make for migraines. I’m proud of you for making the changes you need to try and help with your migraines!

  3. This is such a great post and resource for anyone who needs it! Thank you so much for putting this together, I could definitely use to switch to decaf in the afternoons 🙂

  4. I used to get migraine, but now since my accident I am getting headaches, it’s a different level of headache, so those tips come really helpful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am so glad it was helpful! I am so sorry you deal with migraine though. You are not alone. Feel free to come back anytime and reach out for support or with any questions! Wish you the best!

  5. I don’t use Botox, but I drink 3-4 cups of coffee daily. I heard sometimes it is too much coffee, but stopping this habit is hard. Sometimes I have headaches, mainly because my kids are young and noisy.

  6. I gave up caffeine entirely about three months ago and thought to have found the solution as my migraine attacks reduced dramatically. Last month has been awful, though, with migraine coming and going totally randomly nearly every day and lasting for two or three days. I probably should exercise more and explore the Botox route (I didn’t know about this!) Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Another great post my friend! I am interested in learning more about Botox and migraines! I am so glad you are always looking for new ways to help your migraines and never giving up!

  8. Great info. I’m a coffee lover and always forget that can be the cause of some migraines. The stress of the pain drives me to coffee even more, so I’ll be on the lookout moving forward.

  9. Super helpful thank you ; thankfully coffee isn’t a trigger for me either but I think like you I may try to keep my caffeine under 200mg.

  10. I suffer with severe migraines, they are mostly hormonal related. I had no idea about the Botox theory! I find eating better does help as does a reduction in sugar and eating small retailer meals or snacks. Thanks for sharing your experiences xxx

  11. I also had to reduce my coffee intake inorder to sleep well and function better. I’m at about 200mg per day too, all before 8am.

  12. Thank you for proving some lifestyle changes for migraines. Your suggestion to switch to decaf after one regular coffee is fabulous. I’m going to definitely give it a try!

  13. This was so interesting! The bit about the botox made me laugh too but I’m sure he only meant it in terms of migraines! You’ve got me wondering about coffee now, the thought of decaf scares me lol but I’m wondering if I can trick my brain into thinking it’s not decaf! Genius!

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